What Are Dental Crowns?

What Are Dental Crowns?

Jul 14, 2021

Suffering from a chipped or broken tooth can be bothersome especially when one doesn’t know about remedies or dental solutions that can restore the teeth. However, there is a solution and all hope is not lost. Ever heard of dental crowns? Do you know you can get dental crowns around you?

Dental crowns are coatings for an existing tooth that has been damaged. They are used to protect and restore the shape and strength of the affected teeth. Some patients who make use of dental crowns might have tried dental fillings but didn’t get good results. Teeth crowns can be used to prevent a  tooth from suffering further damages. They are often made up of metal, ceramic, porcelain, or dental resin materials.

Why Do I Need A Dental Cap?

People often wonder why they need dental crowns or what type of dental issue requires the use of a dental crown. First of all, the use of dental crowns can help in improving your oral health. They are also used to cover a dental implant and to protect the tooth from tooth decay. A dental crown is also one of the best treatments for cracked or broken teeth. It can be used for cosmetic reasons as well by enhancing facial appearance and teeth alignment. They can also be used to replace a missing tooth. People who have teeth discoloration also make use of dental crowns to cover the stained tooth. You can hold a denture or a dental bridge in place with the help of a dental crown. Getting your dental crowns in Garrettsville, OH can be the best dental treatment you’ve been searching for.

Are There Different Varieties Of Dental Crowns?

Yes! There are different types of dental crowns. A person has the privilege of picking a type of dental crown that they want and like. However, your dentist might have a better suggestion for you that can help you with faster improvement. You can visit a dentist in Garrettsville OH for recommendations on what type of dental crown suits you best. Dental bridges differ based on their capabilities, duration, and costs.

PORCELAIN FUSED-TO-METAL CROWNS (PFM): PFM is a popular restorative dental procedure. It is a mixture of metal and porcelain. Metal and porcelain are stronger than fused and can last for a longer period. They are more solid than regular porcelain. Since porcelain are tooth-like and metal materials are very strong and tough, you can achieve a great look and strong teeth all at once. However, PFM might not provide you with the extremely natural look that you desire. Dentists rarely recommend PFM for patients who grind their teeth (bruxism) cause they can easily wear out. Although you can always replace them, it would be better if you used a dental crown that best suits you in all areas. See a dentist near you if you need to change your PFM dental caps.

METAL CROWNS & GOLD ALLOYS: In the past before the emergence of tooth-like dental crowns, metal crowns were mostly used by patients. They comprise of gold and silver materials. Metal caps are very strong and fracture-resistant plus they do not cause your teeth to wear out. They can also prevent your tooth from decaying cause they have natural antibacterial properties. Dentists often recommend dental crowns for back teeth restorations. However, most people don’t fancy metal crowns these days due to their metal look. Most people prefer the tooth-colored restorative procedure to give them the beautiful look and natural look they desire. It might also interest you to know that metal crowns don’t require excess removal of tooth structure before it is applied to the tooth. This makes metal crown a conservative alternative.

ALL-PORCELAIN CROWNS: For people who prefer a natural look, all-porcelain crowns are the best options. They look like actual teeth and also perform the same function like a natural tooth. Most people use all-porcelain crowns for aesthetic reasons. They are also known as ceramic crowns. Dentists often make use of ceramic crowns for the restoration of the front teeth to give them a natural teeth appearance. However, they are not as strong as metal crowns and can easily get broken or chipped. If you want a natural look and a stronger restorative dental procedure, you should try the Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. The PMF contains metal and porcelain although they might not satisfy your beauty desires fully like all-porcelain crowns.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns can last for 15 years depending on the type of dental crown and they can last for 25 years if you maintain them well. There are ways in which you can care for your dental caps to make them last longer. Immediately after getting a dental crown placement, avoid sticky foods and hard eatables. Also, you should practice good oral hygiene to prevent your teeth from decaying and causing damages to your dental crowns. Always visit the dentist Ravenna for dental checkups every six months.