Types of Veneers: Which Look the Most Natural?

Types of Veneers: Which Look the Most Natural?

Jun 01, 2023

Slimy tooth-colored shells called dental veneers applied over the front surfaces of your teeth help improve their appearance, size, shape, and appeared and color. In addition, they are beneficial for showing off your beautiful smile if your front teeth are damaged or have imperfections impacting your smile.

When you consider dental veneers near you to enhance the appearance of your flawed teeth deciding by yourself without seeking help from a cosmetic dentist is a challenge you will find difficult to overcome. You must have information on the different types of veneers to determine which looks most natural on your teeth.

This article focuses on your options on the different types of dental veneers to help you understand which surfaces to choose and how many to have over your defective teeth. Kindly continue reading for more details.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are customized tooth-colored shells fitting over the front surfaces of your teeth. They aim to change your natural teeth’ appearance, size, color, and shape. The dentist in Garrettsville, OH, occasionally refers to veneers as a smile makeover. This is because the shells are bonded on your front teeth instead of the molars. Veneers help fix chipped, slightly crooked, or unevenly shaped and discolored teeth to make your smile appear natural. However, veneers are not a solution for missing teeth.

Veneers are a permanent solution to improve your smile, indicating removing them after placement is challenging. In addition, the dentist considers you ineligible for treatment if affected by tooth decay or gum disease.

If you intend to cover your dental flaws with veneers, you must visit an experienced dentist like the professional in Garrettsville for these surfaces.

Best Veneers for Your Teeth

When you visit them, you will find different types of shells offered by the Garrettsville dentist to determine your eligibility for the procedure. Veneers are typically a solution when a healthy tooth needs fixing for some of the problems described earlier. Depending on your investment and the procedure you can endure, you can have one veneer placed on a single tooth or as many as eight veneers on all your front teeth. However, it is best that you adhere to the dentist’s advice because they can offer proper guidance on the material best suited for your needs. Additionally, it helps to remember dental veneers are considered an aesthetic process and not covered by dental insurance requiring you to make an upfront investment in your smile.

Veneer Versions

Porcelain Veneers: The most aesthetically pleasing dental restorations are the porcelain veneers, considered the traditional version. They are also the most durable and remain on your teeth for nearly two decades with proper dental hygiene. In addition, the biocompatibility of these shells does not harm the soft tissues around the gums, and the shells’ natural appearance significantly enhances your smile.

Your teeth require grinding to remove tooth enamel to accommodate these surfaces before placement on your teeth, making them a permanent restoration.

Porcelain veneers adapt to the natural shade of your teeth and are stain resistant. Besides their durability and long-lasting nature, they are less likely to fracture or shatter. Dental plaque accumulation around them is minimal, with excellent dental hygiene. They stay on your teeth for nearly two decades, proving a lasting investment in your smile. Unfortunately, porcelain surfaces are the most expensive requiring multiple visits to the dentist and enduring an invasive process.

Cosmetic Resin Veneers : if you do not want to invest considerably in your smile, you can consider composite resin veneers the dentist offers. The material for the shells is similar to the material used for filling tooth-colored cavities, and getting composite dental veneers in Garrettsville, OH requires merely one visit to the dentist.

Composite resin veneers are less robust and durable than the traditional variety. However, the procedure for placing them is minimal, requiring no tooth enamel removal. Their durability is five to seven years, and the costs are affordable. Unfortunately, these shells are weaker and more susceptible to staining than porcelain shells.

Lumineers : Lumineers created from slimy ceramic laminates need minimal preparation before placement without removing tooth enamel. Lumineers are beneficial if you have abnormally shaped teeth or discolored ones. They also appear smooth the naturally because of their smoothness.

Lumineers are the most affordable among the three and are reversible if you don’t want them later. Although they don’t have a natural appearance like the other two and have a shorter lifespan, they are also the most affordable and may suit your needs if financially constrained.

The best dental veneer for your teeth depends on the improvements you want to make, the number of shells you need, your budget, et cetera. However, a complete set of veneers will help transform your smile by giving you the teeth of your dreams. Therefore if you intend to improve the appearance of your teeth to complement your smile, you must visit the Garrettsville dentist to consult and decide which surfaces are best for your needs.

Garrettsville Dental Group helps many patients make a smile transformation by providing suitable veneers. You can have an entire set of eight veneers or consider one to repair to fix a dental defect bothering you from the practice.