Tooth Extractions in Garrettsville, OH

Tooth Extractions in Garrettsville, OH

The primary goal of dentists is to save teeth whenever they can. However, some teeth need to come out of a patient’s mouth due to disease or trauma. Extractions take place for many reasons, including those listed below. When one is necessary, our dentists in Garrettsville, OH will ensure you're comfortable, so you don't feel any pain.

Reasons for Extracting Teeth

Our dentists at Garrettsville Dental Group may determine a tooth needs extracting because of decay, it's broken, or interfering with the growth of other teeth.

Extracting Teeth Due to Disease

Dental decay or periodontal disease may make it necessary to remove teeth to stop the spread of these diseases. A cavity left untreated can rot a tooth, weaken it, and spread decay to surrounding teeth. Gum disease will do the same.

To stop the progression, our dentists near you may decide to pull the diseased tooth if it no longer functions normally. If it becomes too painful to chew on or it causes constant pain, the dentist working on it may decide to remove and replace it so that the patient has full function again.

Periodontitis can cause patients to lose teeth without extractions in Garrettsville, OH because the gums will loosen around the diseased teeth and can come out on their own.

Removing Teeth Due to Trauma

If you’re in an accident and get hit in the jaw or mouth, you may need broken teeth pulled and replaced. If the crown broke off or a tooth shattered, it may not be salvageable, and the best way to treat the tooth is to remove it. After removing the tooth, our dentists can speak to you about replacing them.

Removing Teeth Due to Impeding Growth

An impacted tooth or overlapping teeth usually require removing to allow other teeth to function or grow correctly. Impacted teeth are those that that can’t emerge because it grows underneath other teeth. Sometimes these teeth require surgical removal, and you may get referred to an oral surgeon for the extraction.

If you have teeth that require extractions in Garrettsville, OH, book an appointment with our dentists at Garrettsville Dental Group for the care they and their staff will give you throughout the procedure.