Teeth Whitening in Garrettsville, OH

Teeth Whitening in Garrettsville, OH

On important days in your life, you should look your best. Along with the right outfit and shoes, you should also pay attention to your teeth. The best way to get them ready for graduation, prom, or your wedding is to go to our dentists in Garrettsville, OH for professional teeth whitening.

Why Teeth Need Whitening

Although you may brush your teeth twice a day without fail, they can still look dull and dingy due to the foods and drinks you consume. Acidic foods and drinks, along with dark flavonoids and carotenoids, can leave behind residues that darken your teeth over time. The changes are subtle, and you may not notice them until you compare your teeth to something whiter.

Fortunately, our dentists at Garrettsville Dental Group can brighten and whiten your teeth by several shades with chair side teeth whitening near you. While you can find numerous whitening products in pharmacies and department stores, they don’t work as well as professional whitening. The reason chair side whitening is better is due to the amount of the active ingredient in the product.

How Much of the Active Ingredient is in Teeth Whiteners?

What makes teeth whiter during treatment is the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide. Every whitening product uses it in varying amounts. For instance, the whiteners you buy in a department store may have between five and 10 percent hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), while professional whiteners at dentists’ offices can have up to 40 percent.

The more H2O2 there Is, the whiter your teeth will become in a shorter amount of time. When our dentists near you whiten teeth, it takes about an hour before the treatment is over, and your teeth will look sparkling white. Commercial products can take several uses before you begin to see results from them.

Commercial products can also have abrasive ingredients in them that can eventually harm your teeth, which is why we don’t recommend their use. Before celebrating an event in your life, contact Garrettsville Dental Group to make an appointment for teeth whitening in Garrettsville, OH so that your smile will look as good as the rest of you.