Emergency Dentistry in Garrettsville, OH

Emergency Dentistry in Garrettsville, OH

Do you know where you would go if you or one of your children had a dental emergency at school? Fortunately, Garrettsville Dental Group offers emergency dentistry with staff that can save the teeth of anyone in your family.

When is a Dental Problem an Emergency?

When you or your child experience a painful or damaged tooth, it isn't necessarily an emergency. If your dental pain subsides after taking a pain reliever, then you can wait to make an appointment with your regular dentist Hiram. However, if your tooth doesn't feel better after taking a pain reliever, you should contact one of our dentists in Garrettsville, OH.

If your child has a bleeding tooth that doesn’t clot or stop bleeding, that is also an emergency, and you need to call our facility to check on the availability of one of our emergency dentists. Other emergencies include:

  • Lost fillings
  • Broken teeth
  • Abscesses
  • Loose adult teeth
  • Dislocated or frozen jaw

Avoiding Dental Emergencies

While some emergencies are unavoidable, like being hit in the face with a ball, most of them are preventable. If you visit our dentists near you for regular checkups, they can help prevent decay that can cause your teeth to become weak and break more easily. Our dentists can also replace old fillings, treat gum disease, and spot tooth damage that can cause teeth to break.

Call Your Emergency Dentist

If you or someone in your family needs an emergency dentistry near you, call Garrettsville Dental Group. Most dentists offer their emergency services during daytime hours when they also have regular appointments scheduled.