Dental Sealants in Garrettsville, OH

Dental Sealants in Garrettsville, OH

If you have young children that like sugary cereals and candy, you should be vigilant about their dental hygiene. You should make sure they are brushing their teeth properly twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing. Good dental habits will prevent cavities, as will using sealants on their teeth.

What is a Sealant?

A dental sealant starts as a liquid that one of our dentists at Garrettsville Dental Group will brush across the tops of your children's molars. As it dries, aided by a curing light, it forms a plastic barrier to prevent teeth from developing cavities. It does this by not allowing food particles or drink residue to drop between or coat teeth and form decay-causing bacteria.

At What Age can Children get a Sealant?

Dentists recommend that kids get sealants in Garrettsville, OH when their first permanent molars emerge, which is between five and seven years old. When their second permanent set comes in, between the ages of nine and twelve, they should get sealed as well. These seals will not hurt your children’s teeth because they release fluoride to keep them healthy.

Adults can also have their teeth sealed if they don’t have a history of cavities. However, by eating a healthy diet, brushing your teeth carefully twice a day, and flossing once, you shouldn’t need them.

How Long Does a Sealant Last?

Sealants near you are durable, so once they are on your kids’ teeth, they can last up to nine years. While they are on their teeth, our dentists in Garrettsville, OH will check them anytime your children come in for dental exams or work.

Although they are strong, a sealant can get holes or tears in them, but they are easy to repair. Our dentist will use more of the liquid sealant and brush it over the hole or rip. If it’s in bad shape, they may remove the old seal and replace it.

If your children have healthy teeth, you can help them maintain them by having our dentists near you place sealants over their back teeth. Call us to book an appointment at Garrettsville Dental Group to have your kids’ teeth sealed.