Dental Exams and Cleanings in Garrettsville, OH

Dental Exams and Cleanings in Garrettsville, OH

By being vigilant about your dental hygiene, your teeth will remain healthy throughout your life. A vital part of your dental hygiene routine is to visit our dentists in Garrettsville, OH for exams and cleanings every six months. Here is what you should expect during a routine examination at Garrettsville Dental Group.

Dental X-rays

Dentists often begin routine examinations of teeth with diagnostic images or x-rays. The x-rays allow them to check for fractures, shifting teeth, or decay below the gum line. In younger adults, they can also see problems like impacted wisdom teeth and other abnormalities.

Teeth Examination

After studying the x-rays, our dentists near you will begin examining your teeth. They will look at every side of each tooth, trying to spot any problems like fractures, chips, decay, or gum disease. The dentists will also check for plaque and tartar build-up on and between teeth.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Another essential part of the examination is looking for signs of oral cancer. Our dentists will use their gloved fingers as well as instruments to look for symptoms of the disease. These signs include:

  • Red or white sores that don’t heal
  • Hard lumps on or beneath the tongue
  • Red, swollen gums
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Ear pain
  • Feeling like something stuck in the throat

Dentists want to catch oral cancer quickly because it is the most curable in the earliest stages.

Cleaning Teeth

The next step in routine exams and cleanings in Garrettsville, OH is to clean your teeth. After discussing the exam, our dentists will choose the cleaning your teeth need. If your teeth are in good shape and you maintain your routine visits, a regular cleaning should be sufficient to remove any plaque and tartar on your teeth.

However, if you haven’t had a check-up in a while, you may need a deep cleaning to get rid of plaque and tartar. If you need routine exams and cleanings near you, contact our office for an appointment to have your teeth examined and cleaned at Garrettsville Dental Group to catch and fix any problems with your smile.