Dental Bonding in Garrettsville, OH

Dental Bonding in Garrettsville, OH

Many people don’t like how their teeth look due to their flaws. Their teeth may have gaps in them that they think are too wide or are misshapen. Our dentists in Garrettsville, OH can resolve these issues with dental bonding at Garrettsville Dental Group.

What is Bonding?

It’s a procedure that our dentists use to make changes to your teeth. They do it by taking pliable material and molding it against your teeth to change their appearance. It’s non-invasive and more economical than many other solutions, such as dental implants or crowns.

This technique is good for:

  • Repairing chipped or cracked teeth
  • Covering gaps in teeth
  • Covering exposed roots
  • Hiding discolored teeth

Dental bonding near you can last up to 10 years if you take great care of your teeth. That means not chewing on hard objects like pens, nails, nuts, or ice. Over time, that can cause chips in the resins that our dentists near you used for sculpting your teeth.

Tips for Caring for Bonded Teeth

While being careful about what you chew on, you should also refrain from drinking acidic or dark wines, colas, coffee, and tea to keep from staining the resin. These drinks can stain your teeth over time, and teeth whitening won’t work on the material covering your teeth.

Limit your intake of alcoholic drinks as well. The alcohol in wine, vodka, or other drinks can cause the resin material to deteriorate. You don’t need to eliminate having a cocktail or stiff drink now and then but try to be aware that you can damage your teeth if you drink too much too often.

If you smoke, try to stop. Just like the toxins from cigarettes can stain your teeth and turn them yellowish, they will also stain the resin. Along with refraining from cigarettes, also stop smoking cigars and pipes. Don’t chew tobacco either because it will stain your teeth faster than smoking.

If you’re not happy with how your teeth look, book a consultation with our dentists to ask how teeth bonding in Garrettsville, OH can improve the appearance of your smile.