Dental Cleanings: Types and Benefits

Dental Cleanings: Types and Benefits

Dec 01, 2022

Types of Dental Cleanings

There are different types of dental cleanings near you:

1. Teeth Cleaning

A dental cleaning can be done at home with dental floss and toothpaste, but some people may prefer professional dental cleaning in Garrettsville. A regular checkup will help ensure that you’re taking care of your smile and keeping it healthy by removing plaque buildup before it becomes too severe to remove without professional assistance.

The more you get a dental cleaning, the more likely you will have good oral health.

The primary reason is that regular cleanings help remove plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth. Plaque is a film of bacteria, while tartar is a hard substance made up of minerals from eating food with too much sugar or starch.

If left untreated, plaque can cause inflammation and infection around your gums and tongue if not removed regularly by flossing or brushing. If left unchecked for too long without being cleaned away from each tooth surface, it will create cavities that need to be filled by drilling into our precious dental structure!

If there is no plaque present, then there won’t be any bacteria growing inside us, causing bad breath either!

Why Should You Get Teeth Cleaning?

  • To remove plaque

Plaque contains bacteria that can cause tooth decay or gum disease. This buildup can also slow down the removal of food particles from the surface, so it’s important to keep this area clean and free from plaque buildup as much as possible.

  • To prevent tooth decay and gum disease

If left unchecked for too long, plaque will turn into tartar (hard white deposits) over time; this hardened substance can lead to cavities or, even worse—tooth loss! It’s important to maintain healthy gums and prevent bad breath at home by regularly using products such as mouthwash or dental floss.

  • To brighten up your teeth

Professional teeth cleaning removes the films and stains on the teeth, which can brighten up the teeth.

2. Scaling and polishing

Scaling and polishing are done to remove plaque, tartar, and stains that build up on your teeth over time. Scaling involves using a scaler (a tool with an abrasive surface) to scrape away bacteria from the surface of your teeth. Polishing involves brushing off any remaining debris removed with a hand-held device called an interdental brush or toothbrush handle, then applying an antimicrobial solution to kill any remaining germs.

What Are the Benefits and Risks?

Dental cleaning is a great way to get your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. The benefits include:

  • Better breath. The fresher your breath, the more confidence you’ll have.
  • Reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. These are two common oral health problems that regular dental cleaning appointments can prevent.
  • It improves the overall dental health of a person by removing tartar and plaque from the teeth.
  • It also reduces bad breath in some cases by removing bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • Increased smile appearance thanks again in part because these habits help keep plaque buildup down, so there’s less wear on enamel surfaces.
  • Increased confidence thanks again because these habits help prevent cavities from forming too quickly, keeping them away from sight altogether until later down the road when they appear.”

3. Root planing

Root planing is a dental procedure that helps in the treatment of teeth with deep and narrow root canals. A dentist performs root canal therapy in Garrettsville to save the tooth from extraction.

It is the process of smoothing the root surface. It’s a great way to remove plaque and calculus from the root surface, which can help keep your teeth healthy.

Root planing can be done by hand or with a powered instrument such as an ultrasonic scaler (also known as a sonic cleaner).

The benefits of root planning are:

  • It reduces the risk of tooth decay
  • It reduces the risk of gum disease
  • It improves oral health
  • It improves facial aesthetics

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