Bruxism in Garrettsville, OH

Bruxism in Garrettsville, OH

May 04, 2021

Do you sometimes wake up in the mornings with a headache, or does your jaw muscles ache? You may be grinding your teeth at night if so. Learn about bruxism, what it is, and how to prevent damage to your teeth.

How is Teeth Grinding Diagnosed?

Unless your partner comments about the noises your teeth make at night, you may not know you grind them in your sleep. However, when you are frustrated or angry, you may notice that you clench or grind your teeth. If you have this daytime habit, then you may have it while sleeping too.

When our dentists in Garrettsville, OH evaluate your teeth during a routine check-up, they may notice the signs of teeth grinding, and ask you some questions. They may see the flattening of the tops of teeth and ask if you have:

  • Sore or tired face muscles in the morning
  • The ringing of the ears called tinnitus
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Trouble with chewing or swallowing

Your teeth can also sustain damage, and they may find chips or cracks in your teeth.

What is the Cause of Teeth Grinding?

The causes of teeth grinding are not clear, but experts think it may be partially psychological and physical, and there could be a genetic component to it as well. The most common factor of bruxism near you is stress. The body can have strange reactions to stress, including grinding teeth when you’re asleep. Stress can also cause your blood pressure to rise, changes in mood and sleep habits.

Treatments for Teeth Grinding

After evaluating your teeth and diagnosing bruxism in Garrettsville, OH, one of our dentists near you may recommend wearing a night guard while you’re a sleep. A night guard is like a mouth guard, except it has cushioning so that when you grind your teeth, they don’t touch each other.

The mouthpiece prevents your teeth from flattening, breaking, or chipping. The night guard is specific to you so that it is comfortable to wear while you’re sleeping. If your partner has committed on your teeth chattering at night or your face muscles are tired in the morning, talk to our dentists at Garrettsville Dental Group about bruxism in Garrettsville, OH.