Bridge the Devastating Effects of Tooth Loss with Dental Bridges

Bridge the Devastating Effects of Tooth Loss with Dental Bridges

Oct 01, 2021

Have you lost a couple of teeth due to decay or accidents and are concerned that tooth loss will devastate your life? You are thinking in the right direction because tooth loss, besides dramatically altering your appearance, also saddles you with various problems you never thought possible. When confronting a challenge like tooth loss, you mustn’t concentrate on your appearance and smile but also think about the other issues that will soon overwhelm you. Therefore you must look for solutions to replace the missing teeth from the many options available from dentists.

If you want replacement teeth in a hurry, dental bridges are the optimal option available to replace the missing teeth. Dental bridges help restore the appearance and functionality of the missing teeth by bridging the gap left by the missing tooth. Discuss your issue with the dentist near me to determine whether dental bridges suit your condition the best.

Why Can’t You Leave the Gaps Vacant in Your Mouth?

You undoubtedly have the freedom to leave the vacant gaps in your mouth as they are. However, are you prepared to endure your neighboring teeth moving towards the empty space? Are you willing to allow the teeth in the opposite jaw to move downwards or upwards toward the blank space left by the missing tooth? Suppose you are prepared to confront challenges like bite problems, challenges when chewing, pain from the additional stress on your teeth and jaw, and self-consciousness about your appearance and your smile. In that case, you can go ahead and leave the spaces by themselves, understanding your permanent teeth will never erupt again.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid all the issues mentioned, you will contact dental bridges in Garrettsville, OH, to get the tooth replacements you need to help you overcome them.

What Do Dental Bridges Appear like?

Dental bridges appear like your natural teeth because the dentist in Garrettsville, OH, will place two dental crowns on the teeth on either side of the gap left by the missing tooth. The supporting teeth are either your natural teeth or dental implants. The void left by the missing tooth is covered by an artificial tooth called Pontic attached to the dental crowns on the supporting teeth.

You can consider four types of dental bridges near me after consulting your dentist Ravenna. You can have the most common traditional dental bridge requiring two natural supporting teeth besides the vacant space. If you have merely one supporting tooth beside the gap, you can select a cantilever dental bridge.

If you lost a tooth from the aesthetic zone of your mouth, you could consider a Maryland dental bridge with wings on each side of the bridge for attachment to your natural teeth. The last variety is an implant-supported bridge requiring dental implant placements and plenty of time for healing before you can get your artificial teeth.

If you do not want to wait for the most stable option with implant-supported bridges and want your replacement teeth as soon as possible fixed or removable dental bridges are perhaps your best option to bridge the vacant gap between your teeth.

Is the Procedure to Get Dental Bridges Intensive?

You can get dental bridges in a couple of appointments with the Garrettsville dentist.

During your first appointment, the dentist reshapes your supporting teeth called abutments. Next, you receive local anesthesia as the dentist indulges in enamel and dentin removal to accommodate your dental crowns. After reshaping your teeth, the dentist takes impressions of your teeth for the dental laboratory to create your artificial teeth and dental crowns. Finally, you receive a temporary bridge to protect your prepared teeth until the dental laboratory returns your permanent replacements.

After about three weeks, you can contact the dentist for permanent bridge placement. During the second visit, the dentist starts a procedure by temporary bridge removal to place your permanent dental bridge in your mouth. At the end of the second visit, you would have replaced the missing teeth and closed the gap between your teeth with a reliable solution lasting over ten years.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Do not assume dental bridges don’t have any benefits because they help improve your bite and prevent your remaining teeth from moving out of place to leave you with misaligned teeth. In addition, dental bridges restore your ability to chew and speak and, best of all, allow you to display your smile before everyone all over again.